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There are times that really hit why I went into image making, this would be one of them. If I wasn’t a photographer / videographer, I would not have forced myself out of the cozy warm motorhome before sunrise to get out and set this shot up. The morning before, I found this location, but got there a little too late. I knew if I got there right at dawn, before the sun peaked over the mountain top I would have a killer view of the sun rays screaming through the morning fog off the river. I wasn’t dissapointed.

See this image in motion below:                                              * Much more relaxing  at full screen

click on 4 arrows


This was a good use of the new GlideTrack I just purchased, you can see in this shot . Note the can of Behold furniture spray, a must to keep the camera glide smoothly on the track.

Shot at Convict Lake California, near Mammoth Lakes.  I was searching for the change of color in the local Aspen trees, I found some here for sure.


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Converting 5dMk11 video footage

Those of you shooting with your Canon 5d Mk11 for HD video, this a a very helpful article from Vincent Laforet’s blog. By the way, all you should follow Vincent’s blog as well for lots of great inspiration and tech advise.

Convert H:264 to Apple ProRes


Click on link

Vincent LaForet _ H264 to ProRes 422

Thanks Vincent for post!

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