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This is just an amazing use of technology. Google has created a web site with their Google Street Map technology that will take you on virtual tours of some of the most famous museums in the world. You will be able to navigate through the halls of the Uffizi Museum in Florence Italy with a point and click of your mouse. Use the map of the whole museum to find what room you might want to visit, click on the painting to see the most detail brush stroke of Van Gough!

I recommend watching the two videos first to get acquainted. The first one shows the basics of using the site, the second is a little behind the scenes of them making the site.







The only disappointing thing I can say about this site is we can’t view it on our Ipad’s due to the use of Flash. There are some museums that aren’t on the site, like the Louvre in Paris, but I’m sure they’re working on those right now.

Grab a cup of coffee and go stroll down some of the most famous museum corridors on the planet!






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Pompeii, Italy


Pompeii - Bath


The ancient ruins of Pompeii, Italy. This was shot with a stream of available light coming in through one of the openings to the Baths. I loved the texture and colors. And what’s with all the little statues of the men below, they ALL have six-pack abs. I guess this was before the fast food world.

Now click on the Pompeii link to the right,  and see the actual streets on Google Earth.

Be sure to hit “Street View”, very cool!

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