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Last week I was fortunate enough to witness this amazing piece of music played by two extraordinary musicians. We are working on a video for a client that had this piece of music commissioned for him as a gift to his wife, WOW, makes us mere mortals something to live up to right? This video is a small clip from the rehearsal performance.  I played in orchestras, and bands all through my school years, but I can’ t imagine playing this. The marimba player, (Ji Hye Jung, amazing talent)  has to read two lines of music , hitting 4 notes simaltaniously with her mallets. Watch the speed of this close up. The violin player ( Catherine Leonard ) you’ll hear in the background has just as a difficult part.

I’m posting this as a point to the appreciation of another art form other then photography or video. You have to appreciate this talent.

See video clip below:

Marimba sheet music

If you’re interested in the two artitist discussing this piece with the creative director of CamerataPacifica, check this link out on YouTube:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0uTJufaOXZg


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