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This is a terrific demonstration as to where technology is helping us bring our vision to the viewer. The vision or story is what matters, not HOW the image or story is created. Other then the obvious reasons to use this, i.e., can’t take the film crew to another planet (well yet), there are some tremendous savings of not taking a whole film crew on the streets with all it’s cost’s and logistics  included with that. I don’t see this as “cheating” , it all comes down to the story that matters.


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Twenty Bench on Early Show

I want this blog to not always be about photography or video , but anything I might be passionate about.

Although I’m far from a Master Sommelier, I’m slowly acquiring a more refined taste of the ol’ vino. Love me a glass of the Cab!

Some very good friends of mine own the Nine North Wine company:  www.NineNorthWines.com One of  their Cabernet brands, Twenty Bench

was recently featured on the CBS Early show as a great value, beat out the $74 bottle of Bordeaux , and they sell it at Costco!

Their other wine company is JamesCole Winery:  www.JamesColewinery.com,  check this out too for a great Cab.

Give this a taste and watch.


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Thank god for fun clients! I always have such a great time shooting at Learning Tree International.
Learning Tree is a leading worldwide provider of effective management and IT training.
The concept of these shots was that you can take their classes “anywhere” including your home.
Some of the challenges in a shoot like this are,  that we’re pretty limited to the talent sitting in front of a computer and directing them to act like they’re actually engaged in what they are supposed to be doing ….learning. The client will strip in images on the computer screens later.
Secondly, for this shoot, finding the right home that had what we are looking for. We needed clean, simple decor not too distracting , yet with style.  Also, this home worked out beautifully technically that it had a lot of available light coming in, which we augmented with our lights. I love lighting this type of scene where my aim is to make it natural, but still give it some shape with a directional feel to it.
It also was so spacious that I had lots of room to control the narrow depth of field.  I wanted to concentrate the viewer to the student at the computer and have the background identifiable, but out of focus. You need a good bit of space to accomplish that.
For shooting models sitting in front of computer screens, we have more fun then should be allowed. 


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This video was all shot on the Canon 5dMk11. Beautiful use of slider for camera

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We recently finished a 5 day shoot for a local Hilton hotel after they re-modeled. 

With the magic of lighting, and a little compositing we transformed the outside of the building.

I used about every hot light off my grip trailer for this one. Also, in the sky I layered the existing sky along with a stock sky from my library.


Here’s a little video from the shoot:

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Converting 5dMk11 video footage

Those of you shooting with your Canon 5d Mk11 for HD video, this a a very helpful article from Vincent Laforet’s blog. By the way, all you should follow Vincent’s blog as well for lots of great inspiration and tech advise.

Convert H:264 to Apple ProRes


Click on link

Vincent LaForet _ H264 to ProRes 422

Thanks Vincent for post!

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