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On this blog, I’ve written many times about the explosion of use for the DSLR cameras ( Canon 5d Mk11)  being used for high end productions.  From such shows as Saturday Night Live, House and numorous commercials, this trend has been growing rapidly.

At the forefront of this explosion is Shane Hurlbut ASC member. I’ve directed you to his blog several times, and this is another perfect time to do so with his post about the shooting of Act of Valor, just released in theaters. Shane and his crew shot all of the action sequences in AOV with the 5d. Take a look at this great post to read in detail of the shoot, including 132 behind the scenes photos.


I can’t wait to check this film out.

Shanes rock’n post: http://www.hurlbutvisuals.com/blog/2012/02/22/act-of-valor-reinventing-the-action-genre/

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This is beautiful. Shot by  director/videographer Tom Lowe at Salton Sea, CA . For all the gear heads, shot with the Red camera, 5k resolution at 96fps.

Watch this at FULL SCREEN and turn up your speakers!  For those of you that remember the famous scene in Apocalypse Now, where this famous  song by Richard Wagner was playing and the helicopters flying over the beach. Robert Duval said his famous line of ” I love the smell of napalm in the morning”….. After watching this video, I would say , “I love the smell of the Red Camera in the morning”. Great stuff Tom.


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There are times that really hit why I went into image making, this would be one of them. If I wasn’t a photographer / videographer, I would not have forced myself out of the cozy warm motorhome before sunrise to get out and set this shot up. The morning before, I found this location, but got there a little too late. I knew if I got there right at dawn, before the sun peaked over the mountain top I would have a killer view of the sun rays screaming through the morning fog off the river. I wasn’t dissapointed.

See this image in motion below:                                              * Much more relaxing  at full screen

click on 4 arrows


This was a good use of the new GlideTrack I just purchased, you can see in this shot . Note the can of Behold furniture spray, a must to keep the camera glide smoothly on the track.

Shot at Convict Lake California, near Mammoth Lakes.  I was searching for the change of color in the local Aspen trees, I found some here for sure.

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If you saw my last post of a recent shoot with 50 extras, I apologize for posting too soon. I needed to pull that post until the client I shot for announces their new merger in early October. I’ll re-post after that is official.

Until then, enjoy this great imagery from the NY Times Magazine.

See the beauty of the power of the top woman tennis players at 1250 frames per second in motion with the Phantom camera.


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3D snowball fight

3D is here to stay and creative on-line content is changing daily.

Magazines and newspapers will not be printing using the traditional press for much longer ( at least to a much lesser extent ) with the advent of the “on-line” content.  Look at my post on 1/26/10, this is a great example of where we are headed, very exciting!  For a visual storyteller, this just opens up a whole new branch of creative content to create.

This small 3D movie clip was created from a series of 8 different composited images, see if you can find them all!

We shot the models against a green screen in a studio situation, see the pics below.

With some use of Photoshop and AfterEffects we put a pretty simple image into a new approach. The exciting thing for me is to think of all the commercial applications this could have. For example, this snowball fight could be an on-line ad for PacSun.  Hopefully you would get a fresh, youthful approach at seeing their winter clothing line which would stand apart from traditional 2D print ads.  Can’t you just see the 20 year olds at Starbucks on their new Apple ipad, surfing the web or PacSun web site, and seeing this snowball coming at them?  !! I see the next Apple ad, don’t tell anyone.

I can’t wait to start my next still 3D content project. The next step will be to add some live action video to this world.

Stand by for more 3D.  James Cameron wont’ have a thing on us.

Avitar, Shmavitar!


Here are a few behind the scenes from the shoot. Pretty simple set up really. I trick was to light it to look like outside lighting, so I wanted a little more directional lighting falling on the faces as opposed to a really “soft box’ look.I love the light quality of a raw light head going through a  Lee 255 diffusion. It cuts down the harshness of raw light, but not too soft. I think it’s similar to sunlight through a soft layer of clouds.

Obviously the background image is a strong sun backlight, so we put a “sun” light with a warming gel to give some of that warm “kicker” light, but we still put our front key light with some direction to it. If I shot this on location in the mountains (which we contemplated) I would have lit it the same way. Hopefully it works to sell the illusion here.

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Homeless, Julliard student, makes a CD

This story really spoke to me on different levels.

Mostly because, this is a human interest story of an artist that has stayed with his art through all the turmoil in his life. All of us artist go through different periods of struggle and success, this takes it to another level.

A one-time Julliard music student, has now succumbed to a mental disorder and is forced to live on the streets, although he has kept his passion of music alive.

The fact that music was my first love, is another reason this strikes a chord with me (sorry).

This story has the feel of a couple of my all time favorite movies:  Shine, Geoffrey Rush portrays the mentaly ill pianist, David Helfgott.  Also, August Rush, the story of an orphaned musical prodigy.

I’m a sucker for a great human interest story, and if it’s about music and art, I’m done.

L.A. Times columnist Steve Lopez did a terrific story on Mr. Ayers.  It is definitely worth a read. Also, see a video clip of the recording session below.

Article in L.A. Times: http://www.latimes.com/news/local/la-me-lopez3-2010feb03,0,3503177.column

To see the video of the recording session: http://kcet.org/socal/2010/02/the-soloist-in-a-duet.html

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This is exciting stuff. No more carrying around a bundle of papers and magazines, no more carrying around a backpack of school books for students. It will all be in one slim tablet.  With the ability to watch videos about the story you are reading , click a another tab and be linked to a web page is just how all this information is literally at our finger tips now (pun intended).

In just two days, Apple is unveiling it’s tablet to the world!

Here’s a link to a video from ABC reporting on the new device.


As a photographer / videographer, this opens the doors for some very creative use of the two mediums to offer to clients.

Stay tuned for some upcoming samples of this kind of work. I feel like a kid in a candy store with all the possibilities that lie ahead!

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Okay, I know this kind of looks like an ad for Adobe, well it is really, although, the content is really interesting.

Watch this video on how the Adobe line of products were vital in the making of Avatar. I guess I’m a little hyped  on this right now since I just bought  Adobe’s CS4 Production Premium bundle yesterday. I’m in the process of doing some 3d imaging with still images in After Effects.

It’s really great how we can use the same tools as the big movie studios to create our own art.

Stand by for some upcoming posts on these tests.

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This is a terrific demonstration as to where technology is helping us bring our vision to the viewer. The vision or story is what matters, not HOW the image or story is created. Other then the obvious reasons to use this, i.e., can’t take the film crew to another planet (well yet), there are some tremendous savings of not taking a whole film crew on the streets with all it’s cost’s and logistics  included with that. I don’t see this as “cheating” , it all comes down to the story that matters.

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