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This was just one of the stops on our northern california road trip , shooting for a couple of Inns and a larger resort. We only had about one day for this shoot. It was intened to just give a feel for the gardens at this beautiful Inn, in Monterey, CA.

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This is just an amazing use of technology. Google has created a web site with their Google Street Map technology that will take you on virtual tours of some of the most famous museums in the world. You will be able to navigate through the halls of the Uffizi Museum in Florence Italy with a point and click of your mouse. Use the map of the whole museum to find what room you might want to visit, click on the painting to see the most detail brush stroke of Van Gough!

I recommend watching the two videos first to get acquainted. The first one shows the basics of using the site, the second is a little behind the scenes of them making the site.







The only disappointing thing I can say about this site is we can’t view it on our Ipad’s due to the use of Flash. There are some museums that aren’t on the site, like the Louvre in Paris, but I’m sure they’re working on those right now.

Grab a cup of coffee and go stroll down some of the most famous museum corridors on the planet!





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High Sierras

Abandon house in the High Sierras



Here are the two latest images from my trip up through the High Sierras recently. This shows you don’t always have to hike a half a day to get to your location. I found both of these right off the main highway.

Cloud Break

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There are times that really hit why I went into image making, this would be one of them. If I wasn’t a photographer / videographer, I would not have forced myself out of the cozy warm motorhome before sunrise to get out and set this shot up. The morning before, I found this location, but got there a little too late. I knew if I got there right at dawn, before the sun peaked over the mountain top I would have a killer view of the sun rays screaming through the morning fog off the river. I wasn’t dissapointed.

See this image in motion below:                                              * Much more relaxing  at full screen

click on 4 arrows


This was a good use of the new GlideTrack I just purchased, you can see in this shot . Note the can of Behold furniture spray, a must to keep the camera glide smoothly on the track.

Shot at Convict Lake California, near Mammoth Lakes.  I was searching for the change of color in the local Aspen trees, I found some here for sure.

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I just got back from a terrific job up in Napa, CA. Rather then just show the bottles of wine on my client’s web site, they wanted to show the faces behind the wine to give it a more personal feel to their brand. .  These are the farmers, vineyard owners, wine makers, and winery owners themselves,  that are behind the scenes of producing their product.

We wanted these to be very “real” feeling, not overly styled, just raw, in-the-moment feel to them. Hopefully we pulled that off.

What  better place to work for a couple of beautiful days then up in the wine country!

Now look at these beautiful faces below:

These guys were very cooperative, although, they made me pay for it by lying in their droppings!

Just another day at the office

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Harbin Ice and Snow Sculpture Festival – The Big Picture – Boston.com

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View the Boston.com site to view some pictures of this amazing ice sculpture.

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You know one of the best things about being a photographer is just the every day observance. You never know where your next picture may come from. Coming back from a great New Years weekend up in Napa Valley, California, I had to stop and find a truck stop to fill up my tires on my motor home. I came across this man who was the attendant at this old truck stop off I-5. I could not help myself to ask him if I could take a couple of pictures of him. I loved the light quality coming in the garage, the colors of his turban with his shirt and the long gray beard. Come on, you can’t pass that up!
He didn’t have the correct air hose adapter I needed, but that was okay, because I got this shot of him.

As this is my first post in 2010, I hope the new year brings many more hidden photos for me. I love to find these surprises.
Truck stop attendant off the interstate 5

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This video was all shot on the Canon 5dMk11. Beautiful use of slider for camera

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Does anybody know Turkish?

When traveling, getting off the beaten path is what I love the most.  Although, it would be good to know how to speak the language of the locals.

In a tiny village in Sirince, Turkey, I took  a walk through the back cobble stoned streets looking for something interesting to shoot. Seeing this obvious tourist, this woman gestured me over to her tiny, very humble home to sell me some of her wares.

Take a look at how I struggle trying to figure out how much Lira this woman wants for a small table linen I was buying from her. It was all worth the effort as I got some striking portraits of  her.  After taking a few photos of her, she gave me a piece of fruit to feed her donkey that was chained up in this very dark, depressing cave like room next to her home.  Ah, I love to see how the rest of the world lives.

See the  Sirince Link to the right , to see where this is on Google Earth.

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